At night, we bring life to your days. For over 60 years.

Our essence

Magniflex is defined by our unwavering commitment to providing the ultimate sleep experience, driven by a passion for innovation and an unwavering respect for the environment.

These core values are the very foundation that allows us to fulfill our dream: offering you a rejuvenating slumber, enabling you to replenish your energy and embrace each day and life with unparalleled well-being.



In the 1960s, Giuliano Magni created his first mattresses in a small workshop. Since then, Magniflex has helped over 50 million people sleep.


In Prato, the world capital of fabrics, sophisticated craftsmanship was combined with the most innovative ideas on rest and well-being.

Since then, Magniflex has helped more than 50 million people sleep well, and wake up even better, thanks to a range of solutions and models designed to meet the most varied needs for comfort, relaxation, and health.

Over the last 60 years, the passion for research and the important investment in innovation, design, and state-of-the-art production systems have turned the name of Magniflex into the universal synonym of comfort and well-being.


From the initial production of mattresses in the workshop in Prato, productivity has grown up to 1000 mattresses per day.


The conquest of the first foreign markets began in Germany, Spain, the UK, Russia, and Japan.


Alessanderx SpA is born: the company that produces 10.000 mattresses per day.The strategic expansion proceeds into Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the USA.New Magniflex showrooms are opened in Singapore, Prague, Milan, and Manila.

Magniflex today

Today, the company is present worldwide with more than 4,000 retailers in 99 international markets and is the supplier of more than 500 great hotels. A young and determined management team continues the development of the Magniflex brand along the road traced by President Giuliano Magni, managing an entrepreneurial system with deep territorial roots and an increasingly oriented worldwide expansion.

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Florence - Tokyo - Cyprus - Dubai - Prague - Kiev - Milan - Manila - Sofia - Miami Bangalore - Osaka - Bucarest - Moscow - Nanjing - Dongguan - Shanghai - Beijing - Shenzhen - Sidney - Rome - Abidjan - Belgrade - Budapest - Bogota - Medellin - Accra Zagreb - Santo Domingo - Punta del Este - Buenos Aires - Johannesburg - Cape Town

I Numeri

60 years of history.
A catalog of 170 products.
Present in 99 countries.
More than 4.000 retailers.

More than 40 million clients worldwide.
10.000 mattresses produced each day.
Present in more than 500 hotels.



The artisan sensibility and the Italian ingenuity create unique products that make “Made in Italy” the guarantee of quality worldwide.

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Today, Magniflex is a leading international company, considered a spokesperson for restful sleep, Made in Italy, throughout the world. Our clients all over the world are aware of the unparalleled passion and dedication Magniflex puts into making mattresses.

The quality of materials and skills at

Magniflex is synonymous with excellence. The company's products have always been characterized by the real added value offered to the clients - quality. This is possible because Magniflex uses 100% Italian materials and employs the skills of specialized technicians and more than 180 professionals who work side by side, sharing their passion and know-how.

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Tuscany, the land of fascination

Magniflex was born in Tuscany, a region blessed by nature, where the beauty of the landscape has always inspired art and artists. It is a type of richness that has positively influenced our corporate culture because, without a doubt, rest is an art too. Undoubtedly, getting the world to wake up well is an art form.


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In a better world, we wake up better

Magniflex has always worked in the name of environmental responsibility, and the company has reduced CO2 emissions thanks to the use of solar photovoltaic panels. Our constant ecological commitment is also acknowledged by two certifications: OEKO-TEX ® CLASS I, which guarantees the absence of substances that are toxic and harmful to humans and the environment in every component of the final product, and GOTS, which certifies that the fabrics we use are made from 100% organic materials.

Magniflex has also decided to embrace the UN's SDG project to drive a clear and measurable environmental improvement strategy company-wide.

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The vacuum-sealed system, a revolution by Magniflex

The vacuum packaging, patented by the company in 1986, simply revolutionized the world of mattresses for the benefit of ecology and health. The vacuum, in fact, guarantees the perfect maintenance of the hygienic and qualitative state of the Magniflex mattresses. Additionally, their volume, through the elimination of air, is reduced by 90%. Consequently, with a single cubic meter, 13 mattresses can be sent instead of the 3 packed with the traditional method. This means a lower number of trucks in circulation and therefore the reduction of polluting CO2 emissions.

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We always support a healthy life.

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Magniflex has a privileged relationship with sports. Back in the 1980s, the company was already a sponsor of the Giro d’Italia bicycle race, underlining the close link between regenerating rest and a healthy lifestyle. And even today, the company's great passion for sports guides its commitment to promoting a culture of good rest as a source of energy.

Over the years, Magniflex has supported various players of the Italian National Rugby team, prime examples of performance and authenticity, calling on them to be testimonials of the quality that the company transfers into each product. In 2016, this philosophy led to Magniflex signing up a legend of Italian and international sport as its testimonial: Gianluigi Buffon. The two-year period between 2017 and 2018 was the turning point of the partnership with the Italian Soccer Team, which included the supply of mattresses and pillows for the Federal Technical Center in Coverciano.

But our show of support to the world of sports doesn't stop here. In 2021, Magniflex became a National Partner of the Volleyball Nations League, a competition created in 2018 and reserved for players of the volleyball national team. This is a tangible sign of the link between the brand and a healthy lifestyle, a statement of interest in the culture of a good night's sleep to wake up feeling great.

Who is better than a European Champion like Giorgio Chiellini to continue the relationship that has been linking Magniflex to the World of Sport for years? Captain of the Italian National Team that won the last European soccer event, a player from Tuscany, who allows us to tie the name of our company to the place where everything began. Magniflex and Giorgio Chiellini are a strong and rooted duo, made up of healthy principles and hard work

We conquer champions from all over the world.

There is a link between the talented athletes and Magniflex that is part of a long tradition that goes from historical sponsorships in the world of cycling to the most recent collaborations in the world of rugby and sponsorship of the Italian international soccer team.

Like restful sleep, sport is a passion without borders, in Italy as in the rest of the world. It's been 20 years of Magniflex's presence in Japan that has led the company to bind to the most important sports events in the country, so that some of the most famous Japanese champions have become significant testimonials

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