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Whether it's for leisure or business, Magniflex ensures that every night and day you spend away from home is characterized by a higher level of comfort. This is made possible through our range of products designed for luxury hotels, both indoors and outdoors.


Never give up the pleasure of a regenerating night's rest.

This is especially true when catering to customers who seek utmost satisfaction during their stays away from home. In collaboration with the world's finest hotels, Magniflex is dedicated to gently lulling you to sleep anywhere. Our applied technologies, quality materials, elegant fabrics, and natural fibers guarantee the ultimate comfort.

Experience ultimate comfort
wherever you may be

Magniflex's exclusive range, developed specifically for hotels, boasts a unique balance between padding and upholstery. This ensures the comfort of even the most discerning guests, offering them the same level of comfort as their own beds at home.


Mangusta Yacht

When performance and ergonomics unite in the realm of high seas and elegance, Mangusta stands out. The brand synonymous with nautical style has chosen our mattresses to furnish the relaxation zones of models such as 72/50, 94/05, 110/03, 80/75, and 130/08, along with the exquisite Gransport 54 and the incredible Oceano 46. Cradled by the sea, embraced by Magniflex comfort, both crew and guests will indulge in unforgettable comfort anywhere in the world."


Daydreamer, because you deserve rejuvenation wherever you go

For Magniflex, comfort and well-being transcend mere mission; they embody a sophisticated lifestyle. Hence, our offerings now extend to an outdoor collection. Marrying Magniflex's hallmark quality with contemporary luxury, we present mattresses and pillows for sunbeds, resorts, and pools. These cater to those who seek absolute and exclusive comfort and entertainment. Notably, this collection graces the new location of the Cala Bassa Beach Club in Ibiza."

Just Me


A Global Presence

For some time now, Magniflex has partnered with various beach clubs and tourism professionals worldwide. Our shared philosophy centers around the belief that quality sleep is key to a vibrant life. From Ibiza to Dubai, Formentera to Sardinia, numerous residences and hotels have chosen our company's commitment to luxury slumber.

Uniquely Customizable Style

Magniflex's outdoor line presents a range of products boasting an unmistakable style. Meticulous attention to shapes and the use of top-quality materials ensure absolute relaxation and comfort. Designed for full customization with client logos, this mattress line is available in various sizes.

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